On many days, I feel like a straight female David Sedaris trapped in a sari. The pieces I presented at a 2012 event in a San Francisco theater—"Dear Victoria""Not For Me" and "Facebook Face-off"—will tell you when my teeth tend to molt into fangs.  I've written about lifepeoplelifestylesparentingtravel and, yes, even death. But what I enjoy most is writing about life as I'm living it. There's always so much to say.  

In October 2013, I presented an excerpt from my upcoming book in an event at San Francisco's LitQuake. That evening at the Make-Out Room, I read aloud from a scene that plays out at a humble dining table in Chennai, India. A non-Indian audience followed along as I read. They laughed. They snickered. And after I was done reading, several in the audience walked up to tell me that they were intrigued by my work.

The night was a moment of reckoning for me. I discovered that everyone understood love, hurt, anger, sorrow, passion, nostalgia, compassion, and laughter. The quality of "feeling" was universal, after all, transcending culture, language, race, gender and sexual orientation. All I needed to do, then, was to narrate my story about the human condition as honestly as I could.

I've lived in the sleepy town of Saratoga for three decades but I'm as much at home in Chennai (where I grew up) as I am in Paris (where I lived for a year). My frequent status posts on Facebook have garnered me a following around the world.  I write on my long travels. I also write when I move from the kitchen out into the garden. I have been known to write from the bathroom. I love sharing visual essays of places; do wander around my site a bit and be sure to check out my photographs of Sri LankaChina and Rome. Some readers claim they peep at my wall first thing in the morning, a cup of coffee in hand. Some have said they go to Facebook a few times a day to read what I might have said while they were away. 

I decided to conflate many of my past Facebook posts into my blog where I'll also share essays, interviews, reviews and travel stories. Do subscribe to the blog and also follow me on Facebook.  Find me on Twitter too, but please note that  at 140 characters, I'm like a devenomized, coiled cobra sucking on its tail. Nevertheless, I follow some weird and dynamic people on Twitter who say interesting things. Who knows what you might find when you're on my tail?