Meditation On Strains

I'm working while strains of Meditation from Thais fill my sunroom. I'm thinking of my little girl who played it with feeling and finesse years ago. She'll be 24 the day after.

I wonder when I'll ever hear her play the violin again. And then I remind myself that we let our children learn art also for art's sake, not just as a means to a particular end but as a means to any number of means and ends. To seek the finest in art and thought; to hear nuance; to winnow virtuosity from mastery; to not always tow the line of a chorus; to appreciate the choice of one word over another; to reread passages of fine writing; to stop inside museums on an alone-day; to chase the core of people in friendships; to weep at a new song; to remember to be graceful but to never forget to be gracious; to create something of value; to listen and in the listening hear more than just words; to hunt, not for designer things, but for the design of great things; to see the apples through an open window; and to buy an Apple, always, always, always, even if it's called an iPad Maxi.